Dark Nebulae Barnard 169, 170, 171 and 368

The dark nebulae  Barnard 169, 170, 171 and 368 are in the constellation of Cepheus seen against the background stars of the milky way.
A full resolution 1.46 Mb image is here . Click here for chart 49 of Barnard's Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way which identifies the area of this image. Barnard's atlas was created from work he carried out between 1889 and 1895.

Imaged 2010 Sept 12th at the Kelling Heath Star Party, Norfolk, UK
Televue TVNP101 100mm APO refractor 540mm fl.
Starlight Lodestar autoguider on G11 Mount
SBig ST8300M CCD camera
Images acquired in Maxim DL Pro 5
 True Tech RGB colour filters
LRGB image L 60 mins 1x1, R 20 mins 2x2 G 20 mins 2x2, B 20 mins 2x2,  Two hours total exposure.
All sub exposures 300 seconds at -25 deg C.

The sky was sometimes hazy with occasional passing cloud .

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