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My portable set up ready for action

Televue NP101 100mm reflector f5.4 APO Refractor with 80mm refractor guidescope.
SBig ST4 Autoguider all on a Losmandy G11 with a Gemini Go To system. The tripod is from a Meade LX200.

Below are images of my remote observatory in Extremadura Spain. The telescope is a 315mm Corrected Dall Kirkham.

Images are recorded with a CMOS camera.

The telescope is controlled from home over the internet and the recordred images  are downloaded from Spain at the end of each night's observing run. 

Mind the cables


Morning after the night before


Still Cloudy !!

 Watching the Partial Solar Eclipse rise through the sea mist at Dengie Essex in May 2003



My observing site for the Total Solar Eclipse March 2006 in Side Turkey

Equinox Star party Kelling Heath Norfolk 2006
Clear for 4 nights out of 5 , result !!
Photo by Dave Smith

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An afternoon with Sir Patrick Moore Sept 09