Galaxy Leo 1 and the star Regulus in Leo

A full resolution 937kb image is here

2012 February 18th  from my back garden in Leigh on Sea, Essex, UK
Televue TVNP101 100mm APO refractor 540mm fl.
Starlight Lodestar autoguider on G11 Mount
SBig ST8300M CCD camera
Images acquired in Maxim DL Pro 5

IDAS LPR filter with
Astrodon RGB colour filters
1hr 55min total exposure LRGB image. L55mins 1x1, R20mins 2x2, G20mins 2x2, B20mins 1x1 all 5min sub exposures.

The observatory site is heavily light polluted. This particular night the sky was unusually clear and the air very dry resulting in good astrophotography conditions.

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