NGC 7000 North America nebula

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2011 August 28th from Dengie marshes Essex, UK
 Canon 20Da DSLR camera with Canon 200mm telephoto lens at f 4.5
Tracking on an Astrotrac mount.
57 mins total exposure 19 no x 3 minute exposures stacked using Deep Sky Stacker
800 ISO No filters and 2 dark frames

Good transparent night and not too cold at 13 deg C. Had planned to take more dark frames but didn't for some reason!!

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2003 August 31st  from Dengie Marshes, Essex, UK
 Standard SLR camera at 540mm prime focus of 100mm Televue APO refractor.
Tracking on a Losmandy G11 mount ST4 autoguided.
Kodak Elite II colour 200 ISO film no filters
1 x 20 minute exposure scanned and contrast stretched in Photoshop

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