NGC 7023 Iris Nebula in Cepheus

2005 October 2nd  at the Kelling Heath Star Party, Norfolk, UK
Televue TVNP101 100mm APO refractor 540mm fl.
Sbig ST4 autoguider on G11 Mount
Starlight Xpress HX916 CCD camera
 True Tech RGB colour filters
RGB image R60 mins 1x1, G60mins 1x1, B70mins 1x1, all 5min sub exposures. 3hr 10min total exposure.

The sky was slightly hazy and the dew was very heavy. I had intended to take the image as an LRGB but mistakenly used the blue filter for the luminance frames so had to revert to a long exposure RGB image instead. Checking everything prior to an exposure run is a must !

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