Simeis 147 Supernova remnant in Taurus

Click here for a full resolution 1.47Mb file

2012 January 23rd and 26th  from Leigh on sea, Essex, UK
Canon 200mm telephoto lens.
Starlight lodestar autoguider on G11 Mount
Sbig ST 8300m CCD at - 20deg C
Astrodon 3 nm Ha filter
  11 x  30 min sub exposures. 5hrs 30 minute total exposure
Calibrated with flats, darks and bias frames

The night was a little hazy on the 23rd January but fine on the 26th Jan. The 6 sub frames gained on the 23rd were slightly trailed but when stacked with the 5 from the night of 26th the overall result was acceptable. This object is exceedingly faint and another 6 hours of exposure is needed to reduce noise to a reasonable level !!

The curious vertical features in the centre of the image are not artefacts and appear to filaments of material seen edge on.

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