Abell 2151 Hercules Galaxy Cluster

Place mouse over image for galaxy identification overlay

Abell 2151

Abell 2151. Place your mouse over the image for a galaxy identification chart overlay. There are 167 galaxies labelled on this 115 x 86 arc minute size image. The Hercules galaxy cluster is like an amateur version of the Hubble deep field image. The galaxy cluster is at about 500million light years distance and is part of a much larger super cluster of galaxies.

Imaged 2010 April 18th at the Kelling Heath Star Party, Norfolk, UK
Televue TVNP101 100mm APO refractor 540mm fl.
Starlight Lodestar autoguider on G11 Mount
SBig ST8300M CCD camera
Image acquired in Maxim DL Pro 5
 True Tech RGB colour filters
LRGB image L 60 mins 1x1, R 15 mins 2x2 G 15 mins 2x2, B 15 mins 2x2,  One hour forty five minute total exposure.
Luminance sub exposures  300 seconds, Colour sub exposures 150 seconds.

The stars on the image are slightly bloated as I was having problems with condensation forming on the CCD sensor window. Sbig have since installed a window heater which vastly improved the problem.

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