Large emission nebula IC 1396 in Cepheus

A full resolution 2.2Mb image is here

2013 September 8th  from Westleton, Suffolk, UK
 Canon 20Da DSLR  camera with Canon 200mm telephoto lens at f 2.8.
Tracking on an Astrotrac mount.
75 mins total exposure 25 no x 3 minute exposures stacked using Deep Sky Stacker, Darks and Flats applied.
800 ISO (no filters).

The night very transparent with a heavy dew, the site was dark with a visual limiting magnitude of around 6.0.
The photograph was taken during a two night astro camp organised by Castle Point Astronomy Club.
The image shows Barnard dark nebulae 169,170,171 and 368 to the bottom left. See here for an image taken in 2010 September.
Within emission nebula IC 1396 is VDB 142 Elephants trunk nebula. See here for an image taken on September 2006.

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